As usual, no pop culture phenomenon is safe from parody in “South Park.” In the series’ 11th season everything from “Guitar Hero” to “Dateline”’s “To Catch a Predator” episodes are lampooned.

The season opens with Stan’s dad, Randy, making a serious linguistic faux-pas as a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune.” Cartman tries to pass himself off as having Tourette’s Syndrome so he can swear out loud to his heart’s content, but his pranks on Butters are perhaps the most atrocious.

Highlights are the film and TV series spoofs. An entire episode copies “24” and mimics everything down to the CTU phone ring to a T. Ms. Garrison leads a group of lesbians against an army of Persians in a “South Park” version of 300. Just like in The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary Randy battles Bono of U2, but instead of trying to outdo each other’s video game records, it’s a … pooping rivalry.

And there’s a hilarious The Da Vinci Code à la “South Park.” When Stan wonders why people color eggs for Easter, a mystery is unraveled to quest for answers to the Vatican.

Grade: A- South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season is currently available.