While admittedly rough around the edges, this low budget documentary chronicles the federal case against Thomas Chong, the nation’s poster boy for marijuana. As such, the Federal government decided that, instead of combating terrorism, they would bust Tommy Chong and put him in a federal jail for the sale of a bong to an undercover operation in Pennsylvania, one of three states that forbid the sale of “water pipes.”

Chong’s smile burns a hole through the screen as we’re left scratching our heads as to what the heck the government was thinking. They used the illegal tactic of entrapment to snatch Chong up and throw him in jail, all the while parading around on TV, boasting their political agenda.

Whether you are pro or anti marijuana is not the point. This is a story about just how much power the government has over our daily activities.

Grade: B+

a/k/a Tommy Chong will be available Aug. 26.