Telepathique is a Brazilian duo consisting of producer/drummer DJ Periferico and singer Mylene Pires, and Last Time on Earth demonstrates that the pair makes music that is far too hip to be confined to the hot spots of their stomping ground, São Paolo.

Pires sings in different languages, including English, but this electronica/house music mash-up has a distinct European flavor. “Eu Gosto” zooms along with the precision of a fine ride navigating the autobahn when all of a sudden the ecstasy kicks in, and the song drives right onto the chemically altered dance floor.

“Love and Lust” might be a tribute to a certain famous Bow Wow Wow song as Pires vamps to tribal drumming about how someone “ate her candy.” “Kabalah” mixes hints of Brazilian coolness into its melody, but “Sex, Drugs and Funk’n’Roll,” a tune about life in a favela (Brazilian slum) sounds more like something the B-52s might do.

Grade: A

Last Time on Earth is currently available.