Let’s face it, most musicians have a hard time getting beyond the visceral and into the business side of their passion – with good reason. An artist is an artist because it’s his or her vocation; more than a desire it’s an intuitive need to express oneself.

But committing your life blindly to a career in the entertainment industry can be like jumping into a shark tank without scuba gear … or a cage. For every successful pop star, there are multiple thousands of struggling musicians getting eaten alive by debt, doubt and disastrous planning.

In this revised edition of The Musician’s Handbook, author Bobby Borg suggests that a successful music career involves the brain as well as the heart. He covers topics as broad as having a realistic outlook, knowing the economic realities, preparing for the long haul, exploiting your strengths, knowing your craft, dropping your attitude, finding an agent/personal manager/attorney/business manager and understanding the costs and realities of touring.

It’s written for the layman, so whether you’re a struggling musician, aspiring sound engineer, eager attorney or hungry agent-to-be, the book is a useful tool to help fend off the deep sea-like dangers of an industry rooted in the chaos of the creative mind.

Grade: B

The Musician’s Handbook is currently available.