Deciding on a college major is one of the most stressful decisions that a young adult makes. Sometimes this decision gets put off until a person is five years into college, still taking random courses, trying desperately to find something that doesn’t bore them to the core.

The editors at JIST Works and Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D. have released a book that uses the RIASEC Personality Test to match college hopefuls with their best possible majors and career options. There’s a lot of information within the pages of this guide.

At first, it seems a bit overwhelming, but the authors recognized this and included a guide for the guide. Once the reader gets the hang of how the book reads, this is one very helpful tool.

The information is current and useful and put in an easy to understand format. Though it speaks clearly and directly without a bunch of highly intellectual jargon, it never reads as though the authors are speaking down to the readers, as is often my complaint with such guides.

Grade: A

10 Best College Majors for Your Personality is currently available.