Answer: She’s a little bit rebel with moxie, has a chameleon fashion sense and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Question: Who is Roxy Saint?

Don’t worry if you don’t recognize the underground icon – you will soon. You won’t see her videos rotating on MTV’s "TRL" and likely won’t catch her hits on KIIS-FM. Instead, you will have to look for her in-your-face music, new guerrilla-style DVD and one-of-a-kind trash bag dresses on

Roxy Saint is hard to define but it’s safe to say that she’s a composite of glam rock and mad genius, giving off a raw sexual energy not easily ignored. Her new DVD, The Underground Personality Tapes, is a hybrid of her life, documentary-style, along with 10 vivid and unusual videos set to her songs.

Don’t be fooled by her petite built. She may look harmless, but the slender, dark-eyed singer-songwriter can no doubt kick some ass.

In Underground, Roxy takes you into the seedy underworld of Hollywood and the Sunset Strip while riding in a limousine. It’s hard to define who the real Roxy is because one minute she’s an Icelandic beauty with platinum hair and the next she’s a raven-haired sensation with a wild streak.

Aside from being a performance artist and guerilla filmmaker, this anti-fashionista recently launched an unusual line of clothing called "Trash Couture," featuring dresses made from black plastic trash bags, each one designed and painted with a face by Roxy herself. All dresses are individually named ("Chaos" and "Black Hash" are two), numbered "1/1" and are available in various sizes. They are priced at $55 each.

Roxy got the idea of "trash bag couture" when her wardrobe was stolen while on tour in the UK. Finding herself without money to buy new clothes, Roxy bought some trash bags, then cut and sliced her way into a resourceful wardrobe.

Instead of getting booed for her unorthodox attire, Roxy was a hit. Her anti-fashion move drew attention to her musical talent rather than her attire. Throughout Underground, Roxy’s videos pretty much give the middle finger to all the Dolce & Gabbana and Robert Cavalli wearing singers who draw more attention by the designer’s duds they don than the vocal abilities they exude.

Roxy Roxy is what Cosmopolitan magazine would declare a fun, fearless female – she doesn’t give a damn what others thinks and she lives on her own terms. Roxy Saint’s videos show that she’s a multi-faceted individual who can be sexy, fearless, vulnerable and intelligent, yet always in control. Whether she’s giving fashion advice to a drag queen or slithering on the ground with friends during her song "Ours," Roxy Saint is a one-woman phenomenon, boldly stating, "I want to start a revolution. I want to be like Keith Richards!"

For more information on Roxy Saint, The Underground Personality Tapes DVD or to purchase a dress from her Trash Couture line, visit

Article posted on 3/1/2005
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