Set in the 1930s, ,i>Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day evokes the feeling of the films of that age. Full of screwball antics, ditzy dames, glamour and art deco style, the movie provides light entertainment without an ounce of angst.

The match of star-on-the-ascendant Amy Adams with the earthy and wonderful Frances McDormand proves to be made in heaven – McDormand’s wry delivery perfectly balancing Adams’ cream puff character, the lemon to her meringue. Serving as a sort of nanny to Adams’ overgrown child-woman Delysia, McDormand’s Miss Pettigrew tartly doles out life lessons in between social secretary duties. Miss Pettigrew echoes the entertainment of the Depression Era, providing just the right amount of escapist fluff.

Grade: A

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is currently available.