Based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer who, at the age of 11, became the first female player on a Pop Warner football team, The Longshots, starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer, is a delightfully heartfelt, family film. After helming last year’s critically acclaimed The Education of Charlie Banks, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst seems a bit lost in the director’s chair, but his missteps are quickly forgotten thanks to charmingly warm and winning performances by Cube, Palmer and a wonderful supporting cast.

As an uncle and niece, Curtis (Cube) and Jasmine (Palmer) are both adrift and alone. When Curtis discovers Jasmine’s hidden talent, a surprising friendship develops as they breathe life into each other and realize they have potential beyond what others see in them.

The script, by Nick Santora, known for his grittier work on “Prison Break,” is predictably by-the-numbers, but undeniably sincere, endearing and lovely. You may see the plot twists coming a mile away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t cheer, laugh, weep and applaud them.

Grade: B+

The Longshots is currently in theaters.