If you haven’t heard Death Vessel before, the first thing you should know is that anything you may think about this band is probably wrong. Whatever death metal imagery the name may evoke, Death Vessel is a modern take on traditional folk music with a mostly acoustic sound.

Death Vessel’s newest album, Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us, is a rich collection of luscious songs delivered in a gorgeous feminine voice. This, of course, is another thing that you would be wrong to judge too quickly as the soprano voice belongs to the band’s male singer-songwriter Joel Thibodeau.

Songs range from the pop-friendly “Block My Eye” to “Obediah in Oblivion,” a song that would seem at home on the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, with tunes that range from the peppy “Jitterakadie” to the jazzy “Belt of Foam.” Perhaps as unique and quirky as the neo-traditional sound of the band are the cryptic lyrics that seem like an SAT study guide exploded into music.

Grade: A

Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us is currently available.