Pianist Aaron Parks has released one of the standout jazz debut albums of this year. Invisible Cinema affirms a quartet setting always results in a captivating configuration. Parks, guitarist Mike Moreno, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland conjure up 10 tracks that seamlessly meld traditional jazz, fusion elements and portions of current alternative rock.

Opening ballad “Travelers” is grounded by a coppery snare drum offensive. The extended, multi-patterned “Peaceful Warrior” finds the four musicians navigating an unbridled torrent, where Moreno’s fluid six-string evokes Pat Metheny’s electric feel; the urgent “Karma” also invokes Metheny’s ’80s work. Riff-dominated “Nemesis” has a stellar Radiohead-esque minimalist groove that non-jazz listeners will appreciate, while “Roadside Distraction” has a bluesy tone reminiscent of Bill Frisell.

Grade: A

Invisible Cinema is currently available.