Polysics is a four-piece from Japan, and this album is sung in Japanese (and a little barely decipherable English), but a translation comes through loud and clear: The band is having a blast and so will the listener. Polysics play a sort of mash-up of synth-based new wave and guitar-oriented classic rock, sounding like their heroes Devo one minute (“Kagayake”) and Vocoder-toting guitar maniac Joe Walsh the next (“Pony & Lion”).

“Arigato” gurgles along steadily like a Kraftwerk tune, but “Moog is Love” exits the autobahn and heads for space propelled by a ZZ Top boogie. You can’t understand a thing, but the way these guys bounce around like a bag full of pollen-crazed bumblebees, you don’t have to.

Grade: A

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