This U.K.-based electronica outfit clearly has a sense of humor; band members hide their true identities behind names like Spiced Arab and Bible Basher, and they claim that their leader, Skank Sinatra, is in fact a gorilla. Thankfully though, the silliness ends where the music begins.

Barcoded opens with “Souls,” a number that sounds like classic Moody Blues updated for the chill-out crowd. Most of the other tunes are dance numbers, variously layered with chill swooshes and slow synth burns or dressed up with dub effects.

“Auto,” “Slick” and “Sun” are each included in an original form and as highly dubbed-up remixes by Shur I Kan, Kay Nakayama and Olvera respectively. The original take of “How Deep” sounds like a disco era remix of a Don Henley song, but Tom Middleton’s remix turns the tune into an extremely clubby throb with urgent vocals; a third version remixed by Future Funk Squad is beat crazy from beginning to end.

Grade: B

Barcoded is currently available.