To the current generation, Loudon Wainwright III may only be a footnote to a family history: father to both Rufus and Martha Wainwright. But the elder Wainwright has been releasing folk-ish singer-songwriter records for nearly four decades and crafting humorous and ardent, absurdly satiric and heartfelt material.

Wainwright’s 23rd album, Recovery, is aptly titled: the 13 tracks are new interpretations of early Wainwright tunes, the newest dates to 1973. “School Days” has a Richard Fariña-esque deadpan derision: “The townie Brownie girls jumped for joy/And begged me bless them in bed.” There’s a barroom wooziness that saturates hair-of-the-dog ditty “The Drinking Song,” courtesy of Greg Leisz’s wooly guitar. It’s anyone’s guess whether Wainwright is singing about Rufus or Martha during bluesy tale “Be Careful There’s a Baby in the House,” complete with poo joke.

Grade: B

Recovery is currently available.