George Motz is a man obsessed - obsessed with sizzling beef, grilled onions, melted cheese, freshly baked buns and anything else that goes into creating the classic of culinary delights: the hamburger.

In his delicious new book, Hamburger America (which includes a DVD of the documentary that inspired it), Motz traverses the country in search of 100 of the best burger eateries this great nation has to offer. Eschewing the homogenized chains, he focuses instead on those unique burger joints where a sense of place and history are second only to the freshness of the beef.

From L.A.’s beloved Apple Pan, with its savory Hickory Burger, to Solly’s in Wisconsin where the burgers come drenched in butter, Motz describes in loving detail the food, the locations and the people that make these places so special. More than simply a guide for the burger enthusiast, Hamburger America is a history lesson with cheese, a character study with a side of fries and a hell of a lot of fun.

Grade: A

Hamburger America is currently available.