Simplicity is the key to success on folk-rock duo Blind Pilot’s debut, 3 Rounds and a Sound. That’s not to say this is simple-minded material. Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski, plus a few friends who provide additional instrumentation, reveal that less can be as effective as more: brushed drums, strummed acoustic guitar or well placed banjo or violin can be as dynamic and concentrated as a dozen musicians.

Blind Pilot soft peddles through 11 sincere, quietly confident cuts that share Dylan’s poetic affection and elliptical verse, Bright Eyes’ pop-oriented penance and Iron & Wine’s inflection and lyrical dexterity. The best track is “Go On, Say It,” boasting a melancholy and memorable melody, followed closely by country-tinted “One Red Thread,” which sets an intimate mood with a subtle sense of misgiving.

Blind Pilot won’t generate elevated excitement, but listeners who require more than surface layers will find that 3 Rounds and a Sound delivers.

Grade: B

3 Rounds and a Sound is currently available.