Chisel didn’t have to hurt himself trying to figure out a title for this six-song EP; Cabin Ghosts was partially recorded at his family’s rural retreat in Wisconsin where the ghosts he encountered were only the spectres of unrequited or otherwise tenuous relationships. These songs of sadness play out with minimal accompaniment: a little organ, some hushed background vocals but mostly just acoustic guitar and Chisel’s mournful singing.

With a voice that recalls both Jakob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Chisel is perfectly equipped to portray the guy who is emotionally out in the woods, and a couple of these songs conjure an isolation that echoes Springsteen’s Nebraska album. Blues harp adds to the depression of “It Won’t Be Long,” a song that sounds like it’s about impending death, but Chisel shows he can work on the perky side too, urging a live audience to sing along on the chorus of set closer “Home in the Woods.”

Grade: B

Cabin Ghosts is currently available.