Guitar fanatics surely know Trey Gunn’s work, both as a King Crimson member and solo artist. Gunn is an exponent of the tap guitar and, more recently, the 10-string Warr guitar, which combines bass and guitar with the sonic breadth of piano. Gunn’s instrumental records have always had cinematic aspects, so its no surprise his latest foray, Music for Pictures,/i>, contains mostly short vignettes produced for multimedia and film projects from the last decade.

Buyer caveat: these 29 tracks that Gunn has reassembled and re-recorded are not for newcomers. While Gunn’s impressive, atmospheric musicianship is often on display, these miniature guitar/drums duet soundscapes (most under two minutes) don’t maintain the detailed consistency of Gunn’s full-band excursions such as The Joy of Molybdenum (2000).

That said, long-time listeners will want to explore this ambient-rock song collection, that runs the gamut from tensely abrasive to lucent and mysterious, although “The Ghosts Listen,” a 21-minute tone and pitch demonstration, is overmuch.

Grade: B

Music for Pictures is currently available.