Record Store

Marty James: Record Surplus [11609 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles] is the spot! They let you listen before you buy, so you know what you are walking out with.

Venue to Play at

Marty: The Knitting Factory [7021 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood] always treats us right. The sound is always on point, they got a nice stage and they let you blow dro in the green room – or maybe they just didn’t know we were doing it. Either way, the Knit is da bessst!

First L.A. Hip-Hop Show You Saw

MDA: Ab [Abstract] Rude and Aceyalone in ’98

Marty: De La [Soul] at House of Blues

Z-Man: He saw himself performing at the Good Life!

Place to Buy Kicks

Z: Sportie L.A. [7753 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles] is solid. Marty wears size 13, and so does the owner of A-Team in Manhattan Beach [1108 Manhattan Ave.], so they got a lot of options for his big ass feet.

Restaurant and Favorite Dish There

Marty: I gotta say Prizzi’s Piazza [5923 Franklin Ave., Beachwood Canyon] deep dish pizza.

MDA: I go hard on the margaritas at El Conquistador [3701 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake].

Z: I’m from Frisco, so I gotta give a shout to Citrus Club! Try that hot and sour soup bwooooy!!


Marty: Good ol’ trusty Borders is everywhere! Brandy’s Adult Books and Things holds it down, too.

Movie Theater

Marty: ArcLight [6360 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood] is cool, but it’s about $50 a head. MDA thinks you want him to say the Vista [4473 Sunset Drive, Los Feliz].

Club or Bar

Marty: I like Birds [5925 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles] ’cause I can drunk walk home.

MDA: Verdugo in Glassell Park [3408 Verdugo Rd.]. I have a residency there, so they are like family.

Z: Shiiiitt, I get thrown out of L.A. clubs! I like Milk in S.F. though.

Do you have a special place to go for inspiration when you’re writing your rhymes?

Marty and MDA: We do most of our writing in the studio. So normally Marty’s studio, the Dump or our other spot, Levcon.

Z: I like to be at the house around my mama’s weed smoke!

What do you want people to take away from your shows?

Marty: Sweaty smiles and merchandise!

One Block Radius’ You Got Me will be available Sept. 16. One Block Radius will perform Sept. 5 at KeyClub, West Hollywood. For more information, visit