This four-piece is fronted by lead vocalist Raiana, and she seems to have patterned her band after OTEP. She doesn’t quite possess the range that Otep Shamaya has, but she does a pretty good job of sliding from breathy interlude to devil-spawn scream.

Primarily, Disconnected works with well-worn riffs that you’ve heard on many albums, only occasionally tossing in an original idea. If the band had a male lead singer this stuff probably wouldn’t fly. But with Raiana at the helm (and her sexy pose on the CD cover) you have the makings of typical bad-girl-in-charge adolescent male fantasy and, therefore, no particular need for sophistication. Guitar-slinger for hire Dave Navarro guests on “All for Nothing” and “All for Nothing (Part 2).”

Grade: B

Disconnected is currently available.