“Once on This Island” is an imaginative retelling of The Little Mermaid, with overtones of Romeo and Juliet, set on a Caribbean Island. Recent graduate Kristolyn Lloyd plays the lead role of Ti Moune in the Reprise Theatre Company’s production, which also stars Grammy nominated singer Ledisi. Here, Lloyd shares her recently discovered favorite local spots.

Restaurant: Hugo’s (8401 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood). Great atmosphere, the staff was so polite and chill, and I ate across from Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. He sold Hugo’s for me, and so did the colossal burger I ate

Place to Shop for Clothes: I don’t have the financial benefits of shopping the way I would dream of, but when I got a little extra something I go straight to Forever 21 and Target. Such cute dresses! I am a dress and jumper girl, so I throw one of them on with a bright pair of leggings, and I am good to go.

Place to Shop for Music: I’m always gonna say iTunes. I don’t have to buy something I’ve never listened to, or even the whole album if I only like one song. Plus, I’m a toddler when I have to stand in lines and wait ... seriously.

Hang Out: I am a regular performer at the Upright Cabaret at Mark’s Restaurant (861 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles) and that is my chill relax hang out time. I go, grab a soda, the gigantic chocolate chip cookie they serve hot with ice cream on top, a little Eden Espinosa and I am good to go. By the way, I say “good to go” a lot. Sorry.

Movie Theater: My living room.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking and camping. You wouldn’t know it, but I love being outdoors, wakeboarding and rock climbing. The last place I did it was in Lampe, Mo. I have heard L.A. has some great spots. Big Bear perhaps will be my next endeavor.

What You Love About L.A.: My friends. They’re an answered prayer.

Best Part About Performing: I love rehearsals! Seriously! I learn so much about myself, and I am forced to overcome obstacles and fears. Not only do you work your tail off singing, dancing and acting, but you also get to meet some really amazing people. Spending time and investing in people is something I love to do. So mix that with getting to play one of my dream roles, and I’m good to go!

What to Expect From “Once on This Island”: I would tell people to expect to see something they’ve never seen before. Is that deep enough? No, but really, they’re gonna have fun. Hello, Billy Porter is directing it, but there are some new things about this show they’ll really love. Expect to be swept away.

“Once on This Island” runs through Sept. 14 at the Freud Playhouse at UCLA. For more information, visit www.reprise.org.