With sleek, cutting edge laptops all the rage today, one needs a safe and stylin’ way to pack and protect them when on the move. Enter: Designer Sleeves. Coming in four sizes and over 50 different sleeve designs for each of them, laptop users can now display their unique sense of life with the way they carry their portable computers.

The material that they’re constructed from feels similar to the fabric wetsuits are made from (neoprene rubber, it says on their Web site), and they are padded thick enough that they seem like they’d protect a laptop that fell from a decent height, though I’d never want to try with something I personally own. I’ll leave that to the experts. And, indeed, their Web site boasts their ability to provide “moisture, shock and scratch protection” starting at the affordable price of $34.95 for the smallest laptops and easing up to $40.95 for some of the largest.

More than simply functional, the designs themselves are quite cool. Ranging from classic art pieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the Jolly Roger, they’ve got something to capture a particular mood that any laptop owner might want to convey with these new designer sleeves.

Some of the visual effects are captured so realistically by the “subliprene” print process used by the manufacturers, they really catch one’s eye. The design called “Wave,” in particular, is beautifully rendered.

There are variations on the theme with the “professional” sleeves, which come with a carrying strap and handle, and the “executive” sleeves, which contain all the features of the professional ones, plus an extra half-inch of width to allow for more internal pockets in which to store things.

While not necessary for any laptop owner, they’re definitely a way to stick out and enjoy the beauty in something, while also protecting the delicate electronics inside.

Grade: B+

For more information, visit www.designersleeves.com.