Once you get a real job and exit the bubble of college, your list of available hobbies shrinks significantly. Most 20somethings get into professional sport following.

Whether it be the San Diego Chargers or the Boston Celtics, everyone has their team. However, considering the average entry level pay in Hollywood is just short of flipping burgers at McWendys Jr., your 1989 Mitsubishi 19-incher just won’t cut it for watching the big game.

Thus, never underestimate the power of a sports bar. The Parlor is a great example of a post-modern sports bar that combines the glossy and polished look of a swanky club with the go-team vibe and plasma TV count of a good sports bar.

Upon entrance, one is immediately hit with an uncomfortable aura of clashing cultures. Sports bars aren’t supposed to look this nice, right? However, after looking around and noticing the distinct lack of 70-year-old barflies and stale popcorn, I was glad. This is a bar made for 20somethings, not your Uncle Bill and his lawn bowling team.

The menu is an equally odd mix of sports bar favorites and posh, upscale touches. While the requisite Buffalo Wings are prominently displayed on the menu, the Parlor also offers Fried Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and a hint of jalapeno or Grilled Chicken Skewers with Thai Peanut Satay. Be sure to scope out the oh-so-tasty sliders that come in some very un-Dennys like varieties like crispy chicken and grilled onion or bacon and mushroom.

The shear number of televisions in the Parlor is likely to make your head explode if your eyes don’t first. While I didn’t get to check out this place on a Sunday during pigskin season, I could see the Parlor blowing up with rabid fans amidst a sea of testosterone and alcohol.

On that note, the draft selection at the Parlor is surprisingly versatile, with some choice American brews like as Bass and Sam Adams. A full bar is on hand, as well as bottle service.

The Parlor is as well endowed of a sports bar as I’ve ever seen. It blends Hollywood and Chicago into an oddly remarkable package that’s sure to please sports fans of both backgrounds.

Grades – Draft Selection: B+; Liquor Selection: B; Price: B; Atmosphere: A; Entertainment/Music: B; Food: B+.

For more information, visit www.theparlorsm.com.