The beauty makers at Bliss have come up with a grand new idea: Problem Salved™. It’s a compact multi-purpose one-stick wonder designed to solve all your beauty mishaps, from sun/windburn and insect bites to chapped heels and flyaway hairs.

Composed of mango butter, kukui nut oil, tea tree oil and a proprietary anti-irritant complex (ginger extract, natural bisabolol), this (a tad wide) lipstick-sized miracle worker can be carried around in your bag and wielded at will. Cuticles looking ragged? Problem salved. Got runner’s chafing? Chapped nose from a cold? Problem salved. You get the picture.

For a mere $18, a myriad of skin problems and more can be quickly handled. Just don’t mistake the stick for your lip balm. It’s advised to “skip the lips.”

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