If you’ve ever gone to a show at The Roxy Theatre, you may have seen the entrance to On The Rox, although you just never knew it. Under the theater’s marquee lights gleams a solid steel unmarked portal. Little did you know that beyond this unassuming front door lies a dark, mysterious flight of stairs leading up to a place as fantastic as Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, as mythic as Peter Pan’s Neverland and as magically eccentric as Alice’s Wonderland. While the hottest acts display their musical prowess on the stage downstairs at The Roxy, it’s upstairs at On The Rox where a band’s inner demons can safely be unleashed.

For 30 years, rock’s royalty and Hollywood’s elite have sought refuge from anxious fans and the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs in this private haven. Musicians, actors, producers, directors – basically all those wanting to go out, let loose and unwind but not necessarily "be seen" – can truly immerse themselves in the decadence expected of a club nestled in the heart of the Sunset Strip.

It’s always easy to get caught up in the constant commotion during a Saturday night on the boulevard, but there is a uniquely frenetic energy that exists solely at the doorstep of On The Rox. Up-and-coming ingénues and wannabe starlets gather outside in hopes of stealing past the bulky doorman. Though this may sound like the velvet rope area of any club, what makes On The Rox so vital to the L.A. scene is that after 30 years, the club still maintains a certain mystique about it. In a city where numerous clubs open and close in a matter of months, On The Rox remains the club that everyone wants to get into.

Maybe it’s the rumored series of appearances by all-star DJs that draws an increasing crowd every week. Incubus’ DJ Kilmore, Kev E Kev and Shavo Odadjian from System of A Down have each reportedly spun On The Rox’s turntables on a Saturday evening. Passersbys on the street below report that the club’s windows are always steamed-up, allegedly from the sweat from silhouettes dancing upon tabletops. Tales circulate of a bar countertop set ablaze with a trail of fire fueled by Patron tequila.

Perhaps you’ve had a friend begin to divulge details of a night he’s spent at On The Rox, only to be left with a description of, "All I remember is that several times I found myself wondering, ‘Is this really happening?’"

So how do you get in to find out for yourself what goes on at On The Rox? Well, what are you doing this Saturday night? On The Rox is a private club, but invites go to those who are daring, bold and wild enough to take a leap down the rabbit hole. Snatch that bottle of tonic from Alice and let her know I’ll take mine shaken, not stirred and always, always on the rox.