The word “clogs” does not typically imply anything related to fashion in America, so it may be a bit odd to think about buying shoes called Cape Clogs. These new sandal-type shoes are definitely eye-grabbers and, don’t worry, it’s not because they’re large wooden boat shoes.

The clogs are actually wood from Sweden, called alder wood, and the top of the clog is leather with a scanned design. They are platform-heeled, closed-toed sandals with a decorative twist. Designs range from solid colors to unique patterns, including peace signs, apples and even the amazingly cute cow prints (more than 53 styles in all). The bottom line is that these shoes will definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

On the other hand, the fact that these shoes are such eye-catchers may be a turn-off. Even the most toned-down of these shoes stand out thanks to their glossy plastic and heel-less design, and anything but the most simple colors look straight off of a disco floor. Cape Clogs come in children’s, women’s and men’s sizes, which offers an interesting challenge to men – especially those who have never worn high heels.

These shoes seem to be designed more for style than comfort. The bottoms of the shoes are hard and unyielding, a huge difference from our soft-soled society. The shoes are also cut very high up on the foot, meaning that people with wider feet will most likely feel the bite of the shoe into the tops of your feet.

Another drawback is that they sell for over $70. Still, if you want to make a statement, these shoes are guaranteed to do so. They are instant conversation-starters, yet they have a laid back look to them.

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