The idea that any male hip-hop artist could possible be gay is an intriguing one. You may have heard the rumors questioning rapper's sexuality. Whether they are or not, the fact remains that many men, in hip-hop and Hollywood, that prefer intimacy with other men, have to go on the “down low,” meaning they keep their sexual preference a secret and either conduct life as a straight or asexual person.

The ironic part of the proposition that a hip-hop artist is gay is that hip-hop is based on ego, machismo, tough talking, swag, bagging bitches and all things hetero. So to even suggest that anyone affiliated with hip-hop is gay is tantamount to asking for an ass whooping.

Enter Terrance Dean and his memoir about the down low culture of Hollywood and hip-hop. Dean worked his way up in the entertainment industry from intern to executive, and his is a revealing chronicling of his coming out.

Here’s your chance to learn about the lives of undercover brothers.

Grade: A

Hiding in Hip-Hop is currently available.