Argentinian actor Lucas Akoskin stars as Trevor. He’s a reasonable facsimile to any character that “Saturday Night Live” star Andy Samberg might play. Trevor is a douche bag doorman.

Writer/director Wayne Price does a good job straddling the line between mockumentary and reality. The scenarios surrounding this gatekeeper to the big city who passes his friends’ apartments off as his own and loses his job because he denies Nicolas Cage access into one of his clubs are brilliantly crafted and funny.

Akoskin (who also co-wrote) plays his part to the hilt. The reason why the film works so well is due to his unflinching seriousness and truly earnest nature.

Adding to the credibility factor is the wealth of celebrity cameos from Kelly Cutrone (“The Hills”) and Thom Filicia (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”). But perhaps the finest endorsement that one can give to The Doorman is that as scathing as it is, no one can say that it isn’t spot-on accurate.

Grade: B+

The Doorman releases in select theaters Sept. 12.