If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to Elvis covers, think again. G.G. Elvis is actually singer Eric Lara from Bad Samaritans, and the T.C.P. band consists of punk luminaries from Stalag 13, NOFX, Agression and Ill Repute.

The group blasts through 13 songs associated with Elvis Presley, the late “King of Rock,” done in the style of the “King of Punk,” the late G.G. Allin. So what you get is mostly novelty, but there are surprises within as some of the tunes prove to be very suitable to punk re-workings.

Dave Casillas (aka Elvis Vicious) gives “Blue Suede Shoes” an intense hotfoot with his guitar solo, and “A Little Less Conversation” with its call for action sounds like it was always meant to be the punk rave-up it is here. The package also includes a bonus DVD.

Grade: B

Back From the Dead: A Punk Elvis Tribute is currently available.