Jim Mahfood illustrated Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics and various Spider-Man projects for Marvel Comics. His art was featured in the music video for Slug and MURS’ “Early Morning Tony,” “The Sarah Silverman Program” and the new Colt 45 malt liquor campaign.

Mahfood’s creator-owned comic books include Grrl Scouts, Kick Drum Comix, Stupid Comics, Felt, One Page Filler Man, 40oz Collected, Puttin’ the Backbone Back, Bad Ideas and Classic 40 Ounce. Kick Drum Comix No. 1 and Mixtape Vol. 2 are currently available. Kick Drum Comix No. 2 will be available Oct. 29. For more information, visit 40ozcomics.com, foodoneart.blogspot.com and artsprojekt.com.