Following his successful feature film premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival (Ira & Abby), and Anything But Love appearing in numerous film fests, director Robert Cary’s third film feature, Save Me, is a deep, complex emotional story, involving gay relationships, family bonds and inner strength.

Mark (Chad Allen) hits “rock bottom of the barrel,” and in an attempt to fight addiction, become sober and face his demons, his parents enroll him in Genesis House, a rehab center, run by Gayle (Judith Light). In the midst of prayer, 12-step meetings and communal living, the staff at Genesis is determined to get Mark’s life back on track. What follows is an emotional roller coaster, an awakening of sorts, where, through intense soul searching, Mark finds a path to light and better understands his sexual identity, confronting truth and deepening his relationships and passions.

Grade: B

Save Me releases in select theaters Sept. 19.