Clocking in at less than 40 minutes with 16 tracks, Shall Noise Upon, the third album from Boston pop-underground/neo-psychedelic/indie rock trio Apollo Sunshine, is a multi-genre and reckless sounding effort. The material moves from hippie-folk (peppy opener “Breeze”), psychedelic/alt rock (propulsive, anthemic first single “666: The Coming of the New World Government,” wherein America is likened to the decline of Rome) to Waterboys-esque Celtic rock (misty “The Mermaid Angeline”).

Fuzzy guitar, bongos, a lone coyote, exotic arrangements, pedal steel, burnished harmonies, head-bopping funk and psycho-country influences all sit next to or on top of each other, giving Shall Noise Upon a contorted, somewhat disconnected quality. Credit, though, goes to the group for somehow holding the chaos together, imputing order to musical elements that would otherwise clash or lack a centered focus.

Grade: B

Shall Noise Upon is currently available.