Sweden’s the Caesars are famous for 2005’s head-bopping, iPod hit “Jerk It Out.” In a perfect Caesars world, we’d all bound around to the group’s garage-pop music, ear buds firmly in place. It’s not a perfect world, but you can realize a small part of fulfillment with Strawberry Weed, pared down to 12 essential tracks from an import-only double album released this spring.

Frontman Caesar Vidal and his three cohorts intentionally recreate the mid-’60s archetypal rock ’n’ roll of the Kinks, the Who and the Pretty Things, stripping tunes to visceral beats, propulsive hooks and power popping riffs. Strawberry Weed doesn’t have anything that matches “Jerk It Out”(“New Breed” gets close), but the dozen nuggets share a timeless pop structure better than most likeminded material issued this year.

Grade: B

Strawberry Weed is currently available.