A Thousand Years of Good Prayers tells the story of Mr. Shi, an elderly Chinese, and his American immigrant daughter, Yilan. It is a clash of culture and language, as the two try to reconcile their differences.

Communication is key in this wonderful, intimate drama. A single conversation can consist of equal parts Mandarin Chinese, Persian and English.

Despite the language barriers, these characters come to understand each other, and we understand them. That this is even possible is a testament to the direction of Wayne Wang and to the performances of Henry O, Feihong Yu and Vida Ghahremani.

Henry O carries much of the film, as he turns in a performance that is both touching and humorous. If you enjoyed the relationship between the English-speaking hitman and the French-speaking Haitian in Ghost Dog, then you’ll have an idea of what to expect as Mr. Shi wanders the American landscape.

Grade: A

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers releases in select theaters Sept. 26.