You know how hearing a particular song can remind you of a certain event, place or person? For the hapless character in Aqueduct’s "Growing up with GNR," the song is "Sweet Child O’ Mine," and the person is a young lady, a love interest, who just isn’t the same anymore. Probably David Terry, otherwise known as Aqueduct, is not the same anymore either.

If the song is a true experience, someone should track this girl down and thank her for causing Terry to squirrel himself away with his musical muse. Locked away with his bank of keyboards, guitars and drum machines and leaning just to the left of quirky, Aqueduct has come up with some pretty good stuff.

Terry has a real gift for melody and a sort of "boy wonder" voice that creates an interesting paradox when he tries to act tough, like on "Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights." About the double life of a serial killer, the song can’t help but succumb as a slightly sinister sing-along. Terry works a similar magic throughout, turning seemingly simple lyrics and riffs into instantly likeable sparklers. There’s enough here that, who knows, maybe someday some guy will write a song called "Growing up with Aqueduct."

Grade: B

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