In one of my favorite movies, a group of caricatured, "extreme" lifestyle meatheads drive around in their off-road vehicle playing a generic hardcore metal song, the lyrics of which sing, "Same old, same old, same old song."

That pretty much sums up my reaction to Full Blown Chaos’ Wake the Demons. Song for song, this release has about as much variety as Chinese water torture, and may be just as maddening.

In the wake of the nu metal movement, the metal underground scene has revolted against the mainstream sounds of bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, POD, Limp Bizkit and countless other clones, with a steady stream of old-school, mosh-till-you-bleed thrash. Influenced by the likes of metal heroes such as Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and Sepultura, these new bands take what radio has forgotten and try to present it anew to a generation that almost forgot it.

Full Blown Chaos seems to be just another in a long line of ferociously heavy bands that have become such a caricature of their roots that the music doesn’t have the meaning it did when originally conceived. Heavy for the sake of being heavy seems to be the order of Full Blown Chaos’s day.

Wake the Demons starts out by not pulling any punches on the heaviness. What the album opener, "Apocalypse," lacks in originality, it tries to make up for with guitars by Mike Facci that are so crunchy the Cap’n would have a rough ride. Brother Jeff Facci’s drumming is clean, precise and fast, and is perhaps the only shining star in the monotonous mess.

After that, one song becomes nearly impossible to discern from the next. (The word "dynamics" wasn’t in the edition of these boys’ music dictionary.) Vocalist Ray Mazzola growls incomprehensibly throughout the whole album showing no diversity, instead giving the listener a throat-ache just from listening to his abrasive style (Ray, even Phil Anselmo slowed down and sang now and then).

The memory of the old thrash bands is still sacred to we metal fans, but its legacy seems to have fallen short of many fans’ dreams, and Full Blown Chaos unfortunately isn’t the cure we’ve been waiting for.

Grade: D

Wake the Demons is currently available.