We all know eating is a big part of college life. Unfortunately, our habits aren’t always the best for the environment.

In order to avoid those moldy, smelly dishes piling up in our kitchen sinks, we often turn to plastic ware and styrofoam to solve our cleaning woes. Plastic ware contains petrochemicals that create dioxins and other harmful substances that seep into our environment and are potentially hazardous to our water source and health.

For this reason, To-Go Ware has introduced a cutlery line that counters plastic waste. Their bamboo utensil line is stored in beautiful cases that are made entirely of newspaper and recycled plastic.

Employees of Conserve, an environmentally friendly company in Delhi, India, sift out plastic products from wastelands that are then used to create the cases. Complete with a fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks, the line is easily transportable in its case and great for camping.

For more information, visit to-goware.com.