Pick up this debut by Electric Touch and you’ll be slammed with a pretty good thing; high-energy indie rock of today that’s suffusing synths and ’80s New Wave, disco, coupling the mix with English dance-rock from Texas. Huh?

Shane Lawlor (an OG from Nottingham, England), Christopher Leigh, Louis Messina Jr. and Ross DuBois met in Austin, Texas about a year ago, and since, have been blowing up the scene, one of the few bands already well-known without having releaseed their first full length, which is now flying off shelves.

This record doesn’t listen quiet, better turned off if not blasting, better reaching up into the high decibels as it packs a punch, lights a fire and sparks an invitation to stomp out your troubles and join a killer dance party.

Grade: B

Electric Touch is currently available.