Ryder Hard, Broadzilla and Paris Kilton are not misspelled words; they are names of Los Angeles Derby Dolls.

The games or “bouts” as Dolls call them, become quite rough. Seeing a Doll fly over the rail or tumbling face first is almost a guarantee at every event.

“There’s nothing like you flying around the track at 25 miles an hour banging into other girls,” Meghan Gaynor, a.k.a. Judy Gloom, says.

Most roller derby leagues are grassroots organizations that are self-run by volunteers. Events rely on word-of-mouth, not advertising. In the case of the L.A. Derby Dolls, they are not paid to participate; they give money and pay dues.

The Dolls have day jobs. Some are lawyers, mathematicians and doctors. In the case of Gaynor, she is a librarian at Glendale Community College.

Interest in the sport is almost certain to continue to escalate when Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut movie, Whip It!, hits theaters 2009. The film stars Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page.

The L.A. league is always looking for new players, or “Fresh Meat” as they call prospective Dolls. One of the requirements as listed on the “LA Derby Dolls Wants You” flyer is to “not be afraid to fall on your ass and have a good time!”

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