I have been passionate about photography since I was nine-years-old and first began documenting the lives of my friends and family. My studies in communications at the University of Wisconsin at Madison opened doors for the work I’m doing now, as well as solidifying my commitment to interconnecting people and their stories.

As an artist, facilitator and educator, I am dedicated to work that focuses on opening channels for others to visualize and articulate their personal dreams and ideas. My work is particularly committed to demonstrating through images the state of human beings’ relationships with their environment.

When I arrived in Los Angeles four years ago from the woods of Northern Wisconsin via New York City, I thought the only thing to shoot in L.A. would be cars, palm trees and movie stars. I was right, to a degree, but I have since learned that all those elements are only a part of what makes the photos taken in this beautiful city worth looking at.

For more information, visit emilyhartphotography.com.