My photography goes back to when life was pretty simple and sweet. I vaguely remember the first time I got a camera. In fact, I don’t remember my life ever without one.

Capturing moments has always been on the top of my list of priorities, from documenting the lives around me, to the place that I was at that very moment and now to the most random objects. I see the beauty in it all.

Even as hard as times may have been, I have always seen my life in Los Angeles so wondrously – the beauty around me, vivid; the people near, joyful. The sun, always shining and with a camera in hand came success and happiness!

It was about 10 years ago when I really took control over my talent and vision. I took classes in high school, and although I never got great grades due to my lack of focus on the curriculum, I was completely focused on mastering the art. All I did was believe in myself.

Now at 28, I look back on my photos, and I realize that my life has been nothing but a beautiful project. You cannot only see the vision, but you can hear, feel, taste and touch it because it’s real and it makes nothing but sense. Each photo communicates the truth in that.

The response I get from my viewers has been very motivating, which definitely keeps me moving forward with my talent and vision. Photography is what I was born to do and L.A. is where I’m meant to BE! It’s where Soulsol came to life. But the journey doesn’t end here ... stay tuned.

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