Clockwise from the top:

DJ Bakdraft

DJs are the freshest geeks, right? Bakdraft loves mixin’ music, his equipment and movin’ crowds. Oops! Did I forget the ladies? He’d kill me if I didn’t say that he loves the ladies in his booth. But please, no requests. That’s a swift boot outta his turntable lab. I’d bank on his talents, and after shooting him, I was quick to hire him for a company party, that he rocked! Let him scratch your music itch.

Ty Songs

Songwriters make the world go ’round. It’s the talented folks behind the music that need our love, too! Owen is one-half of Ty Songs. Lily’s the other (Hi, Lily!). I shot a series of photos for their Web site. The site came out really darn cool, integrating photography, sketch art and sound.


Don’t you love stealing your friend’s favorite artists and making them your own! Well, years ago I found Res through a friend and haven’t let go since. Her music and energy has always been unique and intriguing. I was super excited to get her in front of the camera. I was shooting a campaign for a client in support of increasing awareness about the genocide in Darfur and Res hopped on to endorse the cause.


There’s just something about this guy’s voice – a-freakin’-mazing! I was a fan at first note. Mateo’s singer-songwriter/hustle talents got him a major deal with MySpace Records. Look out world! If you’re ready for music to hit you in the heart again, get to clickin’ in his direction.


Live music will always be the ultimate experience. Mulatto is a young and energetic band that’s definitely worth the cover at the door. I’ve watched them rip stages, and I’ve watched them rip into chicken wings and fries. These guys are like family. Catch them playing around town or on tour playing for hip-hop legend Nas.

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