Sincerity is something that can’t be faked. Some indie bands out there could use a tutorial on Sea Wolf’s style of unassuming, yet spirited stage presence. Frontman Alex Brown Church is a formidable songsmith with a command of his material not unlike that of a young Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash.

Sea Wolf are consistently tight live, and this night was no exception, launching off with the brooding “Song for the Dead” and shifting through melancholy numbers like “Winter Windows” and their anthem, “You’re a Wolf,” with flawless execution. A minor flub on the rare uplifting number “I Made a Resolution” was forgivable, and a new song was a well-received glimpse at things to come.

The ensemble rounded out their set with the powerful and haunting song “Black Dirt,” effectively leaving the audience howling for more. Why these guys (and gals) are not yet headlining venues remains an enigma.