Humboldt County, the first feature from the writer/director team of Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, is set on California’s infamous Lost Coast, a place that’s virtually inaccessible by vehicle yet still serves as the hub for most, if not all, of the nation’s high-grade marijuana farming.

Peter (Jeremy Strong) is an uptight UCLA med student whose only indulgence is the occasional warm glass of milk. But after an alcohol induced one-night stand he finds himself stranded hours away from home amidst towering Redwoods and a multigenerational family of reefer smoking intellectual/hipsters. Although a reluctant houseguest initially, Peter eventually embraces the family’s leisurely lifestyle and even allows the pre-teen Charity (Madison Davenport) to read him her favorite bedtime story – Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind. After a couple tokes, the once assiduous Peter learns that not everyone achieves eternal happiness through hard work and cultural complacency. In most cases … all you need is marijuana.

Grade: A

Humboldt County releases in select theaters Oct. 10.