Koushik may be one of the lesser-known charms of the Stones Throw label; but his downtempo interpretations of hip-hop and colorful psychedelic splashes make him stand out. Even though he’s Canadian, there’s something distinctly Californian about Koushik’s view in Out My Window: whether it’s daylight breaking through an overcast day or a sunset appearing more gorgeous because of the smog, there is always sunshine streaming through from somewhere.

An airy intro leads into the instantly memorable second track, “Be With.” The vocals fade in and out like echoes, serving mostly to point out that the variegated layers of funky chords, night-blooming orchestrals and breakbeats are the centerpiece of the composition. The carefree and soaring spirit of ’60s pop music is evident in the tambourine-tinged melody of “Lying in the Sun.” Following this, the silky foreplay of “Coolin” drifts into the pre-climax rewards of a long, pleasurable night.

Of course, California probably has nothing to do with the sweet and sexy arc of this album – Koushik may just be irrevocably in love with everything he sees outside his window.

Grade: A+

Out My Window is currently available.