On Dear Science, TV on the Radio attains a level of ambition that would kill most bands. Each TV on the Radio release is a testament to escalating creative objectives and commercial aspirations, and on Dear Science, TV on the Radio balance brains with musical abandon.

The outfit manages to ballast arty post-punk, doo-wop, soul, electronica, new wave, pop and other elements that would sink other ensembles. Princely opener “Halfway Home” dilates with reverberating drums, jagged guitar and late-’70s electronics. That’s followed by despondency descant “Crying,” a horizontal groove frolic featuring vocalist Kyp Malone’s falsetto skills.

Modern existence gets detonated during “Dancing Choose,” a brilliant conglomeration of fevered rap, sax blasts and heated rants. Funk-angled sociopolitical remonstration “Red Dress” and beat-driven/buzz-guitared “Shout Me Out” both comment on complacent citizenry.

In essence, Dear Science, is a three-dimensional album that pushes, pulls, motivates and reacts.

Grade: A

Dear Science, is currently available.