House of Adam is the story of a closeted man, Anthony, his murdered lover Adam and the subsequent supernatural mystery and resolution. Having friends in the film industry and being a part of several low-budget films myself, I understand the constraints created by a miniscule budget. Very few filmmakers have $50 million to spend so sometimes corners have to be cut in order for an unknown filmmaker to get his vision to the screen. I could get past the not-great production values, (since that’s to be expected on low budget films) if it weren’t for the stilted acting, cheesey dialogue and out-of-nowhere plot jumps. It’s like watching the throwaway scenes in between the “action” scenes in porn – the parts you fast forward through to get to the good stuff.

Grade: D

House of Adam is playing at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 from 10/3/08 - 10/9/08.