Some of Andersson’s work in the past has been less than exciting, but the singer has made an intriguing album in Hummingbird, Go! The music here is all composed by Andersson (she’s farmed-out the lyric writing) and perfectly suited to her organic but newly adventurous style.

Andersson has a gentle, sometimes breathy quality to her vocal work, but some of the arrangements on Hummingbird, Go! echo the slightly-skewed work of Kate Bush. Songs like “Clusters” and “Minor Changes” particularly recall the British pop star, and it doesn’t hurt that Andersson peppers her work with odd but sublime sounds that she makes with the likes of high-heeled clogs, root beer bottles and wine glasses.

But the bright star shining throughout is Andersson’s voice, cute on the brief and wordless doo-wop number “Introducing the Kitchenettes” and absolutely gorgeous meshing with the voice of Ane Brun on the stunning “Innan Du Gar.”

Grade- B+

Hummingbird, Go! is currently available.