Portland, Ore. trio the Wanteds echo post-grunge artists such as Chris Cornell, Creed or Bush, with inward-looking, serious-minded hard rock. The band’s sophomore effort, Failure Looks So Good, is not innovative or a breakthrough, but listeners get what they can expect.

On tunes like “Oblivion” and “Blacksheep Energy,” vocalist/guitarist Tommy Harrington sings about addiction, break-ups, upheavals, desires and hopes that sometimes transpire. Lead off single “Ladysmith,” has crunchy, upfront guitar templated from alternative rock circa 1995, with lyrics about learning from stressful events. “Too Soon for Always,” centered on commitment concerns, slams with Audioslave-esque abandon.

Unfortunately, the material lags during the second half, when songs show a stylistic sameness.

Grade: C

Failure Looks So Good is currently available.