Rancid is one of those bands that exists more as an icon than an actual musical identity. Teens slap patches on the back of backpacks, proudly displaying RANCID as their brand of choice. Even our celebrity friends in Good Charlotte would be nothing without their copycat, faux punk style that was heavily influenced by Rancid.

Regardless, the band represents one of the most iconic symbols of both punk music and punk lifestyle. As such, it was with much applause that Rancid took the stage at the Fonda in Hollywood.

Openers T.S.O.L edged Rancid out in the age department, with lead singer Jack Grisham looking more like your friend Paul’s dad than a punk icon. Nevertheless, T.S.O.L sounded phenomenal and jumpstarted the crowd with their energetic punk sound that went from fast to slow and everywhere in between.

After a wait that bordered on tedious, Rancid went on. While the band has been around since the early ’90s, its sound has remained amazingly fresh and unique.

There simply is not another band out there that sounds like Rancid. The trio of vocalists, headlined by guitar player Tim Armstrong and flanked on either side by Lars Frederickson and Matt Freeman, all sounded near the top of their game with nary a hiccup.

This Wednesday night concert was the second of five consecutive performances at the Fonda and, even then, the place was packed to the brim with fans of all ages. The set seemed to last forever, though it capped off at around an hour and a half. The band played a healthy variety of tracks from their six full-length albums and blasted forth crowd favorites like “Roots Radical” and “Ruby Soho” to incessant screaming of younger fans who never imaged they’d see a performance like this.

Frederiksen noted that Rancid has been around for over 16 years and is still kicking. He declared that in 16 years Rancid would still be making music. We’re holding you to that, Lars, as there really isn’t anything else like Rancid out there amidst the past, present and future of punk music.