Hike up your pants and check out this hilarious amalgam of sketch comedy and monologues by writer/director Matt Morillo.

The play covers a variety of women’s issues, such as virginity, the pill, gratuitous female nudity in the movies and, of course, the mystifying popularity of thongs that peek out of low-rise jeans.

The best of the lot is entitled, “Unprotected Sex.” It’s a sketch about two exasperated guys trying to appease a hormonal psycho chick (a comical Jessica Moreno), who is suffering from side effects of the “the pill.”

The cast, comprised of an equal measure of men and women, is a talented bunch. Some of the sketches lag a bit, but it’s an enjoyable night of comedy for both sexes.

The Hudson Mainstage Theatre is located at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, visit angryyoungwomen.net.